Star Comedian Artie Lange arrested for violating drug court program


HBO’S ‘Crashing’ star Artie Lange was arrested while living at New Jersey based halfway house and addiction treatment center on Tuesday.

“He was taken into custody for failing to comply with the terms of his participation in the drug program,” said Katherine Carter, spokeswoman for the county prosecutor’s office.

The Essex County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lange for violating his drug probation. The sheriff’s office picked up Lange at 7:42 a.m., according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. He was lodged in the Essex County jail.

Following his arrest, Lange was processed and expected to be held in the Essex County Correctional Facility until a judge can re-evaluate him. The actor allegedly had his wits about him during the arrest and “appeared” sober, according to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.

Recently Lange was seen working at a gas station as part of his rehabilitation program on May 15.

On May 19 he also shared a pic of him with his co-host, Howard Sterns new book.

Lange known for his appearances on The Howard Stern Show , Mad TV and HBO show, Crashing.


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