Emmy Contenders Need to find better ways to create Oscar Style Buzz

Emmy Contenders

Emmy Contenders Need to find better ways to create Oscar Style Buzz

International movies have a whole lot of festivals, typically we call them as Movie and Music festivals. Among all Oscar is reputed and that creates a lot of buzz in the industry and media. Even a dress wore by Angelina Jolie could make a sensation.

Why should the film folks have all the fun? The Oscar race is the stuff of constant conversation about contenders are continually placed on the media. This creates enough Buzz in the media and people around the world follow it.

In Television, the march of Emmy is not as robust, but there are many reasons for that. For a longer period, TV award shows were not really exposed to the audience. The Emmy campaigns are pointless when the same program kept winning the award year after year.

The ratings of Emmy are not close to what they are for Oscar. Yet there is plenty of Drama running around this year’s Emmy. Will the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” beat out “Veep” for the top comedy? And how dominant will “Game of Thrones” will be? Is the current buzz.

Emmy Spends a lot of budget for its campaigning, but that is less than the campaign budget of “Oscar”. But that’s beginning to change.

Emmy season begins in January every year with the “Golden Globes” and the various guild kudos, the SAG Awards being the most notable and thanks to their position in the calendar year, those awards are often the first to get the chance to recognize new shows. But after that, the excitement dries up.

According to Awards strategist, Rich Licata, “TV needs to start claiming a portion of sacred movie real estate and aggressively hone in on traditionally film-focused festivals in winter and early spring.”

The biggest bet on Emmy season this year comes from MTV. It has a revamped Movie & TV Awards. Vanessa Whitewolf, VP Live Events, MTV says that adding TV to what was just the MTV Movie Awards and moving the show to June, at the height of Emmy voting was “probably one of the best decisions we ever made.”

This year in 2019, MTV Movie & TV Awards nominees include underdogs like “Schitt’s Creek” and “Sex Education,” which helps adding those shows to the awards conversation in the media.

But finally, it’s a start. But there is a room for more, especially later in Emmy season as Academy voters are choosing TV’s best. In the age of Peak TV, the road to the Emmys deserves to be a superhighway.

Emmy Contenders Need to find better ways to create Oscar Style Buzz


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