Zachary Levi: Host for this 2019 MTV TV & Movie Awards

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi Hosting 2019 MTV TV & Movie Awards

Every Show needs a superhero who keeps engaging audience throughout the show. Especially MTV TV & Movie Awards show needs a hero who could keep the metaphorical train running smoothly and on time, someone charming and funny who can crack a joke and save the day if in case things start to go off the rails. Hosting is an arduous job that everyone could not make justice.

Especially for “MTV Movie & TV awards”, a show that celebrates very best of films and television, luckily we have found the perfect person for the job.

And he is “Zachary Levi”!!!


The charismatic Shazam! Star has been tapped to host the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, which will air on Monday, June 17.

It’s been a year for Levi, who made his DC universe debut as “Shazam” the adult superhero alter-ego of teenage foster kid Billy Batson.

Not to mention that he is more than capable of stepping in and saving us from any demonic entities, interdimensional monsters, and deadly sins if they decide to show up to this year’s telecast.

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Make your calendar now: The Show will be aired on Monday, June 17 9 p.m ET/PT


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